Crochet Sports Croptop for Barbie

 Hello guys! Here's another free written pattern for your dollies!! 

And a video tutorial, just click here

I called this a sports croptop, since barbie is like going or doing sports when she's wearing this😊

This is also can fit in a curvy barbie!! ☺️ 

This is also paired with sports pants, and also I'm going to share it to you, ☺️ 


cotton thread #8
1.6mm hook
Yarn needle 
2 small buttons 8mm


Ch - chain - slip stitch
Inc - 2 single crochet in 1 stitch 
Dec - sc2tog
(**) - stitches count 

Im going to work from bottom to top part of the top

Ch 33,

Row 1
Sc on the 2nd ch from hook, 
sc on the rest of the chains
Total of 32 sc

Row 2
Ch 1,make another 32 sc

Row 3
Ch 1,13 sc, inc, 4sc,inc,13sc,(34) 

Row 4
Ch 1,13sc,inc, 6sc,inc,13sc (36)

Row 5
Ch 1,14sc,inc,6sc,inc,14sc (38)

Row 6
Ch 1,5sc,inc,32sc (39)

Row 7
Ch1, 5sc,dec.,32sc,(38)

Row 8
Ch1, 5sc,dec,31sc (37)

Row 9
Ch1, 5sc,dec,30sc (36)

Row 10
Ch1, 7sc,ch 9,skip 5 stitches, 12sc,
ch9,skip 5 stitches, 7sc,

Row 11
Ch1, sc all stitches (44)

Row 12 
Ch 6,sc on the next stitch,
7sc,ch6,sc on the last st.
Cut and weave ends

get other color of yarn and
make a slip stitches on the Row 2
Make sure not too tight, 

You can sew the buttons and its ready to wear! ☺️ 

You can visit other written patterns

I love to see your creations especially on other colors.Feel free to send me a photo or tag me on Instagram @badethshobby or even on my Facebook Page Badeth's Hobbiz.

This pattern is for personal use only,if you wish to share this pattern,you may link back to this post,

Enjoy Crocheting!


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